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18 Day Fat Burning Caramel Coffee Blend

18 Day Fat Burning Caramel Coffee Blend

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Fat Burning Caramel Coffee Blend

Our Fat Burning Caramel Coffee Blend is made with 100% natural herbs such as Green Coffee Beans, Ganoderma Mushrooms, Ginseng Extract and L-Carnitine. Green Coffee Beans regulates blood sugar, detoxifies, burns fat and triggers metabolism. Ganoderma increases energy, and reduces fat gain. L-Carnitine will boost your immunity, supports metabolism and increases fat oxidation which breaks down fatty acid.


⏰ Enjoy in the morning before breakfast and/ or before lunch on an empty stomach. For maximum results combine with our Sugablend Natural Tea, Intermediate Fasting, and 30 minute cardio at least 3-4 days a week. Do not eat after 7pm. You cannot lose without changing your lifestyle.
☕️ Put 1 bag in a cup of fresh boiling water, stir for a few minutes until powder is completely dissolved, and then enjoy

☀️ Not recommended to consume after 5pm

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